Survey: Readers call for more construction in Upstate

This week, we asked readers of our GSA Daily email for their views on the state of construction in their home counties. Out of 28 people who responded, 21, or 75.00%, were from Greenville County, while three, or 10.71%, were from Spartanburg County; two, or 7.14% were from Anderson County; while one each, or 3.57%, wrote in from Laurens and Oconee counties.

A plurality, 43.75%, of Greenville County residents said the county needs more construction, while 31.25% said construction volume is just right and 18.75% said there is too much construction.

Respondents from Spartanburg County were unanimous on construction volume there being just right.

Half of Anderson County respondents said they want to see more construction, while the other half felt volume was just right.

Both the respondents from Laurens and Oconee counties said there needs to be more construction.

The top three projects Greenville County residents want to see more of were single-family residential, commercial and industrial. One reader wrote the county needs more green spaces and parks, and another wrote in road projects.

Respondents from Spartanburg County want to see more commercial and industrial projects.

Anderson County readers want more industrial projects, and one reader wrote in that downtown Anderson specifically needs more corporate headquarters.

Our Laurens County respondent said they need more commercial, industrial, retail and spec projects; and the Oconee County respondent called for more commercial, industrial, retail and mixed-use developments.

Greenville County residents wanted to see less residential development, both single family and multifamily. One respondent wrote in that they’d like to see less construction being done by out-of-state companies.

Spartanburg County respondents wanted to see fewer mixed-use and spec realty projects. The least popular developments in Anderson County were spec realty projects. Our Laurens County respondent said they’d like to see less multifamily development, and the Oconee County reader wanted to see less spec development.

We also asked readers for their views on the art of architecture in the Upstate. A majority, 70.59% of Greenville County readers felt some of the buildings looked good, while some look bad, while 23.53% said new developments are looking pretty sharp.

Respondents from Spartanburg County are split, half saying new architecture looks good, with the other half saying it looks pretty ugly. Half of our Anderson County respondents feel the newer architecture is a mixed bag, as did the reader from Laurens County.

In the reader comments, one reader from Spartanburg County wrote, “Spartanburg does not need two hotels downtown … waste of taxpayer money.”

One from Greenville County commented: “We need less out-of-town construction related companies contracting work for projects going on in the Upstate and surrounding area.”

“Construction and development is too concentrated in specific areas of Greenville such as Woodruff Road, Augusta Road and downtown,” wrote another. “Need to spread the development to other less congested areas of Greenville County.”

One reader said, “Ready for the 85 and 385 construction to start!” while another wrote, “Construction means growth. Growth means prosperity.”


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Alyssa BennettSurvey: Readers call for more construction in Upstate