Greenville makes new appointments to Design Review Board

Greenville City Council has made appointments to the Design Review Board, which oversees exterior changes to buildings and structures in the central business district and preservation overlay districts. The addition of one member to the board, which is divided into urban and neighborhood panels, allows a change to separate panel leaders.

New members to the urban panel are architect and artist Danielle Fontaine and architect Carmella Cioffi of DP3 Architects. Cioffi has served on the City Planning Commission the past two years. Neighborhood panel member Architect Mitch Lehde, residential design director at RDS-Ridgeline Design Studio and co-founder of the Group 1.6 Architects, is switching to the urban panel.

Board Chairman Barry Nocks, a six-year board member who previously served on the City Planning Commission, has been appointed to another two-year term on the urban panel. Nocks is professor emeritus and former director of the graduate program in city and regional planning at Clemson University. Todd Malo, a partner in Mavin Construction, has also been appointed to another two-year term on the urban panel.

The panels next meet Aug. 6. The urban panel agenda includes proposed guidelines for the North Laurens Street pedestrian area between West Washington Street and One City Plaza and an office building, hotel and pedestrian cover in the Camperdown project at the site of The Greenville News.

Architect Jennifer Gosnell has resigned from the urban panel, and another member, architect Meg Terry, has been appointed to a four-year term on the City Planning Commission.

Landscape architect Parks McLeod, at his own request, is moving from the urban panel to the neighborhood panel. He joins LS3P architect John Edwards, historian Joel Patterson and Clemson University real estate professor and neighborhood developer Robert Benedict. Mike Mecklenburg — a partner in Restore, an educational and research group on historic preservation issues and techniques — has been appointed to a two-year term on the neighborhood panel.

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Alyssa BennettGreenville makes new appointments to Design Review Board